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Warehousing & Light Industry Leasing.

Warehousing & Light Industry Leasing


The KHV warehouse complex is a key component of our integrated logistics and transportation systems. Our warehousing and light industry leasing properties total over 96,800m3 and can be leased in part or in total for short or long term requirements.

All indoor, weather-proof capacity is suitable for storing grains, fertilizers and other bagged goods, iron, steel, lumber and wooden products, including furniture, shipping containers, machinery, liquid products in drums or tanks, etc.

The complex has a total of almost 7,700m2 floor space which can be fitted out for light industrial uses. Competitively priced long or short term contracts can be negotiated for use of these buildings as light industry manufacturing plants.

The complex has 7 individual, self-contained buildings and 1 outdoor storage area:
Building Dimensions Area/Volume
6 Medium Buildings 50m x 15m x 6.5m Total 750m2 / 4,875m3
1 Large Building 105m x 30.5m x 12m Total 3,202.5m2 / 38,430m3
1 Open Storage Area 3,900m2

All warehouses and light-industry buildings have:
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Lighting
  • Client-controlled lock-up and security