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KHV Business Strategy

Diversification and Synergies

KHV employs a diversification strategy of partnerships and equity holdings to guarantee sustainable supply and quality.

Equity investments
KHV takes equity positions in a range of agri-business companies. We invest in primary producers, sugar millers and refiners, down-stream processors, distributors and transportation and logistics companies throughout Vietnam

Producer Partners
Sugar cane is a seasonal crop. It is grown throughout Vietnam, with each of the major sugar cane regions having a different growing season. As our primary raw material, we invest in primary producers throughout Vietnam in order to guarantee constant supply.

Processing & Distribution Partners
Sugar milling and refining is a fragmented industry in Vietnam with the majority of Vietnam’s sugar mills and refineries located within the different growing regions across the country. With bulk transport infrastructure not able to meet demand, KHV has invested in processing and distribution partners throughout the sugar growing regions of Vietnam. This gives us control over the entire process, from the cane field to the kitchen table.

Leveraging Synergies
Since 2005 we have invested heavily in harvesting, harnessing and commercializing the potential of the Ethanol and CO2 by-products from our sugar operations. These investments have resulted in product diversification and increased production efficiencies.